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As I started this new journey in my career, and in life, I found it essential to explore what’s driving me, what my why is. I found that all aspects of my life need to spring from a place of compassion, courage and adaptability.

♥️ COMPASSION Because without kindness for myself and others, there is only judgement, which is a non-productive emotion that tends to drive our actions and behaviours. Letting go of judgment is an ongoing process, which is why I like to remind myself that I truly want to act from a place of compassion at all times.

💪 COURAGE I believe that most any decision in life, even the seemingly smallest, takes courage. And it is important to remind ourselves of that. I try to find the courage within myself, but gain comfort in knowing that I have a support system that will do just that…support me when I need that extra bit of bravery.

🙌 ADAPTABILITY Life is ever-changing. I’ve learned to become really comfortable with this thought and find strength in the knowledge that “this too shall pass” - both the joyous and the troubling times. Adaptability helps me overcome adversity, especially when staying authentically true to myself.

🤔 I’m wondering…does this resonate?

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