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Team Coaching & Workshops

Holistic wellbeing is an essential part to a healthy & thriving work environment.
Possible Topics for Workshops

Coaching Approach to Leadership

Introducing coaching skills to lead more effectively through better listening, awareness and empowering team members.

Reading the Signs

Introducing holistic wellness through topics on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing - focusing on how to tune in to our stress signals, what's causing them and how to improve our wellness.

Ways your Wellness

A group workshop series on wellness & wellbeing covering:
- Mindfulness
- Stress and energy management
- Patterns of behavior
- Resilience
- Sustainable goal setting

Sounds like something for you & your team?

Team Coaching for Change

Team Coaching supports a group through collective challenges, such as change in the company or team structure, leading to better communication and motivation.

As a collective, the team will define what the goal for the coming 6 months or year will be, as well as milestones on how to get there. 

The role of the coach is to guide, support and challenge the group, in an unbiased space.

Sounds like a fit for you & your team?

Image by Matt Howard

Verena is a very warm, open, and welcoming coach. She listens actively to your concerns/insecurities/etc and provides concrete emotional support. I often felt she went above and beyond as a coach and created such a safe space for us to brainstorm ideas. She never forced her ideas on me, but instead, guided me to a path I felt comfortable taking.



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