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Live authentically, compassionately & joyfully
Coaching provides space for you to connect, explore, gain clarity & understanding of what you want & how to get there.
The Magic of Space Holding

The key to coaching lies within the space being provided. It offers a sanctuary for authenticity, free from any sense of judgment, in order to truly connect to yourself.

Here, you're encouraged to delve into your aspirations for personal growth. Your voice is not just heard, but truly listened to, fostering a profound connection.

Our focus isn't on superficial matters; rather, we aim to guide you towards discovering your genuine desires.

When was the last time space was being held just for you?

The coaching journey can run between 3 - 12 months, depending on your needs. It will always include:

  • A free Discovery Call

  • 60 minute virtual sessions - weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your needs

  • Transformational Coaching approach, diving into patterns of behaviour & belief systems

  • Compassionate space holding to explore what's coming up

  • Challenge to support you out of the comfort zone & into change

Are you ready to change your life?

Possible tools to integrate

Coaching Wheels & Questionnaires 

To spark exploration, we might go through a wheel or predefined questions around a specific topic.

Mindfulness Practices

Integrating mindfulness practices like meditation, breathwork and visualisation, can help us arrive in the moment as well as connect to your future goals.

Holistic Exploration

We won't focus only on your mind and thoughts, but also explore emotions and sensations anchored in your body.


Taping into the ancient ayuverdic principles can help us gain better understanding of your tendencies and how you can best support yourself.

Coaching Programs

My coaching offers are tailored to your needs, but here are two of the most popular options.

Taking time for yourself and your needs.

An individually tailored process for your needs, starting with status quo evaluation and clear goal setting. 

300 € / month​
6 - 12 months

Average of one or two 60 minute sessions per month, depending on your needs.

Diving deep in oder to connect to yourself - who you are, what you need and where to go next.

An exclusive process, individually tailored for your needs. Includes tools to support you on your journey of connection to self - like mindfulness / meditation, awareness creation and reframing exercises.

500 € / month​
3 - 6 months

Average of two 60 minute sessions per month, with WhatsApp access between sessions, depending on your needs.

Sounds like something for you?

Image by Brooke Cagle


Workshops & Programs

We're working on programs on HOLISTIC WELLNESS and FINDING BALANCE & JOY THROUGH CLARITY. Some elements will be guided in live sessions, with parts to complete at your own pace.

For a deeper dive into where you want to go and how to get there, start with a free discovery call to see if 1:1 coaching could be the approach for you.

What I provide

Space Holding

I will provide you with unbiased, compassionate space to explore where you want to go, what's been getting in the way, and how to move forward.


I will support you on your path to where you want to go, figuring out where/what that is exactly, so you can move forward with clarity and purpose.


I will challenge you to move out of your comfort zone, confront what has been holding you back and step into the unknown for meaningful change to take place.

Sounds like something for you?

Image by Matt Howard

Verena is a very warm, open, and welcoming coach. She listens actively to your concerns/insecurities/etc and provides concrete emotional support. I often felt she went above and beyond as a coach and created such a safe space for us to brainstorm ideas. She never forced her ideas on me, but instead, guided me to a path I felt comfortable taking.



My Journey & CV Details

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