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Verena Seipp Coaching

I help you connect to your true self, so you can  move with clarity and build your authentic life

Hi, I'm Verena!

I work as a transformational coach, coach-trainer and -mentor.

I focus my coaching on helping people connect to their true self - their needs, what they want, how to get there and what's been getting in the way. All answers lie within ourselves, we just need to find a way to tune in. I support my clients in having that conversation with themselves that they cannot have by themselves, through compassionate coaching.

The goal is always to strengthen connection to and confidence in self - in order to manage the back and forth of life with ease.

Image by Matt Howard

Verena is a very warm, open, and welcoming coach. She listens actively to your concerns/insecurities/etc and provides concrete emotional support. I often felt she went above and beyond as a coach and created such a safe space for us to brainstorm ideas. She never forced her ideas on me, but instead, guided me to a path I felt comfortable taking.


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