We all face challenges in life, no matter how seemingly large or small. Coaching can help. With guidance, encouragement and support as you connect to yourself and your needs, stretching past fear of the unknown to reach meaningful sustainable growth.

Here you'll find more information about coaching and how I can support you on your journey. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Verena Seipp

After 12 years working in the corporate advertising world, I felt like something was missing.  The problem? I couldn’t figure out what it was. 

I quit my job and took an incredible year sabbatical to travel the world, gain wisdom and find some answers. By the time I got back to Germany, I had learned I certainly didn’t need to travel the world to find myself. But, it took the time, attention and practice to uncover my real purpose. 

What I loved about my advertising job was problem-solving, often guiding my clients towards creative solutions to their business problems. Combining that experience with my newfound respect for the power of self-understanding and my natural inclination to help people, I started taking courses in coaching.

I am now a fully-accredited, licensed coach supporting clients around the world. It is my privilege to be able to guide those who feel stuck find the right track for them. I truly believe that feeling “stuck” is just the ache of not knowing which door to open next. I show my clients how to build bridges between where they’re stuck and where they want to be. 

I work with my clients in a confidential, unbiased and safe setting, focusing on:

  • Defining powerful goals and milestones

  • Learning tactics to overcome obstacles

  • Uncovering and resetting patterns

  • Challenging limits and expectations to achieve meaningful and long-lasting growth


Open  •  Friendly  •  Honest  •  Clear Communicator

ICF Accredited Coach (ACTP)
Certified in Team Coaching Practice
Certified in Coaching for Wellness
International Coach Federation Member

German  •  English


Helping people have a conversation with themselves, that they cannot have by themselves.

An individualised confidential process, providing an unbiased space for reflection, running over several session, during which we explore:

  • Defining powerful goals and milestones

  • Learning tactics to overcome obstacles

  • Uncovering and resetting patterns

  • Challenging limits and expectations to achieve meaningful and long-lasting growth

We start with a FREE 30 minute call, followed by 45-min to 1-hour long sessions.

These can be held by phone, video-call or in person, if you are in Frankfurt a.M.


Group workshops on personal

development topics such as resilience,

wellbeing, coaching approach to


90 minute to full day workshops 

Price TBC - depending on content & length


Personal Coaching

Exploring patterns of behaviour, belief

systems and finding your way to a better

connection to self, so you can achieve your goals.


Topics can include, but are not limited to: making a career change, taking steps towards a promotion, leadership challenges, gaining confidence at a new job, or prioritisation.

45-60 minute sessions

100€ (packages also available)

Team Coaching

Supporting teams through a collective

challenge, such as a change in company and/or team structure, leading to better communication and motivation.

60-120 minute sessions

Price TBC - depending on nr. of participants & total sessions needed


Ms. Verena Seipp does the excellent job! 

Coaching was an absolutely "green field" for me. Therefore, it was quite interesting for me to discover whether and how coaching can help me to reach my professional/personal goals. 

As a result of the 3 sessions with Ms. Seipp, I do confirm that thanks to her great involvement it worked!

During our "journey" Ms. Seipp took time to explain the needful (at the beginning and whenever needed during the sessions), was first listening calmly, settling the heard into the process, and then asking exactly the right questions at the right moments. For me it was a fantastic feeling of being heard, understood, and streamlined all over the "journey" to get various ideas in my head formulated into clear goals/to-do's for the short/medium/long-term perspective.

Ms. Seipp attitude was extraordinarily friendly, competent, sensitive, and I felt being valued and accompanied with respect at every moment during our sessions.

I do recommend Ms. Seipp, and looking forward to my future follow-up sessions.



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