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Verena Seipp

Personal Development Coach

After 12 years working in the corporate advertising world, I had this reoccurring feeling that something was missing.  The problem? I couldn’t figure out what it was. 

I decided to quit my job and took an incredible year sabbatical to travel the world, gain wisdom and find some answers. By the time I got back to Germany, I had learned I certainly didn’t need to travel the world to find myself. But, it took the time, attention and practice to uncover my real purpose. 

What I loved about my advertising job was problem-solving, often guiding my clients towards creative solutions to their business problems. Combining that experience with my newfound respect for the power of self-understanding and my natural inclination to support people, I started taking courses in coaching.

I am now a fully-accredited, licensed coach supporting clients around the world. It is my privilege to be able to guide those who feel stuck find the right track for them. I truly believe that feeling “stuck” is just the ache of not knowing which door to open next. I show my clients how to build bridges between where they’re stuck and where they want to be. 

I work with my clients in a confidential, unbiased and safe setting, focusing on:

  • Defining powerful goals and milestones

  • Learning tactics to overcome obstacles

  • Uncovering and resetting patterns

  • Challenging limiting beliefs and expectations to achieve meaningful and long-lasting growth

My aim is always for my clients to unlock their power within, so that they have clarity and self-understanding to discover the path that's right for them and embark on that journey feeling empowered!


Open  |  Empathetic  |  Honest  |  Clear

ICF Associate Certified Coach
Certified in Team Coaching Practice
Certified in Coaching for Wellness
ICF (International Coaching Federation) Member
Ayuverda Practitioner Certification (100 hrs)

German & English

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