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What do I mean with being reflective? 

I believe in the power of taking a step back from a situation––whether it's a presentation, meeting, conversation, feedback, heated discussion, etc––in any area of our lives, where we felt a strong reaction within us. Sometimes it's not possible to do that in the moment, but we should always take time to reflect on things that cause a noticeable stir in us. 

So why is reflection important?

By taking the time to examine not only the situation, but more importantly the emotions we felt, we start to develop awareness around our own patterns of behaviour and can start examining the belief systems behind those.

In summary, it leads to insight, so we can better understand ourselves and our own (re)actions.

From there we can feel more in control and less caught in the whirlwind of it all, because when something similar occurs, we can recognise what is happening in us and actively decide how to act next. 

Of course we will always have moments where we fall into old reactive patterns––and that is ok! Change is a process and awareness always the first step. From there we can move forward, and if we do this with a reflective mind, we are more likely to connect to our true values and act authentically. 

How to start?

Start with journaling––by reviewing the day(s), being honest about what happened within us, what we've learned about ourselves, and how we want to move forward. Don't forget to look at moments of gratitude as well.

This process of journaling can help us let go of what was and what will be, focussing on being in the here & now, enjoying (or at least recognising) what is. 

All this leads us to a place where we can lead fulfilled lives, because we are aware of ourselves, what we need, what we should avoid and how we want to act. 


This process can be quite challenging to manage on our own, so it is important we reach out to our support networks and professionals to help guide us. 

In transformational coaching, we tackle exactly this topic. So reach out if you want to know more or have any questions at

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