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Helping people have a conversation with themselves, that they cannot have by themselves.

We all face challenges in life, no matter how seemingly large or small. Coaching can help. With a supported and purposeful nudge in the right direction, through guidance, encouragement and support as you gain clarity, connect to yourself and your needs.

The basis of my work is transformational coaching, which means that we look beyond the presenting problem, to uncover what is behind it, in order to unlock that blockage for meaningful sustainable growth.


You can find out more about my services below or simply book a free discovery call through the "Book Now" button at the top of the page.

It would be a privilege to support you on your journey.

Who, What & Why!

With Seipp Coaching, I provide purpose-focused life direction, as the push you need to get unstuck.

What do we mean by purpose-focused life direction? 

Through the coaching process we'll work on defining powerful goals and milestones, learning tactics to overcome obstacles, uncovering and resetting patterns, and challenging limiting beliefs and expectations to achieve meaningful and long-lasting growth for you.

Why is this important? 

To help you gain clarity and uncover the fulfilment of discovering the right path for you. 

What I provide?

  • Open, empathetic, honest, and clear coaching style.

  • Compassionate, challenge-based and results-oriented session structure based on identifying your individual goals, actioning them while focussing on clarifying underlying themes.

  • Licensed and accredited ICF ACTP coach, using proven and industry-certified tools, techniques and methods.

  • Focus on purpose-work, supported by lived experiences as an ex-pat, as a woman, as a corporate employee and as someone who set out on a less conventional course and succeeded.

  • Virtual sessions offered in German and English (I'm a bilingual speaker), with flexible hours to fit your time-zone and easy booking to connect from anywhere.  

Who is it for?

Ask yourself: 

Am I open-minded, curious and seeking direction? 

Despite being successful with great friends, a good job and a lot going for myself, is there an underlying feeling of being stuck? Feeling like something is missing?

If you are looking to name the "problem" and find clarity on where to go and how to get there, then let's connect for a FREE discovery call to see how I can support you on this journey!


Personal Coaching
Image by Avel Chuklanov



A 4-week program to support you on your short-term goals

Image by Priscilla Du Preez



A bespoke coaching process tailored to you 

Wellness Programs
Sat on the Rocks_edited.jpg


A multi-participant webinar on wellbeing, incl. stress management tools and breathwork. ​

60 minute webinar

New dates to follow



A group workshop series on wellness & wellbeing covering:

- Mindfulness
- Stress and energy management
- Patterns of behavior
- Belief systems
- Sustainable goal setting

4x 90 minute online interactive workshops, incl. a workbook

New dates to follow

Customised Group Offers
Image by Dylan Gillis


Supporting teams through a collective challenge, such as change in the company and/or team structure, leading to better communication and motivation.

Multi-month process with

60-120 minute sessions

Group Meeting


Group workshops on personal development topics such as resilience, coaching approach to leadership, or wellness & wellbeing / life-work-balance.

90 minutes to full day workshops

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